Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Easy Peezy Design Wall


You can make this HUGE, husband approved design wall in under 30 minutes. Yup! An easy peezy project. No more placing blocks on the floor and picking up pet hairs and dust.

Our new home has really nifty textured walls and I’m always remodeling my sewing room so I didn’t want to staple batting to them to create my design wall. Instead I found packs of 3/4 inch thick polystyrene panels at Lowes. They are approx. $9 per pack.

Supplies Needed
Duct tape
Flannel sheet or thin cotton batting such as Warm and White
1 or 2 packs of Perma multi purpose panel foam
Pack of Command reclosable hanging strips for 16 x 20 frames


Step 1 – Sweep the area of floor that you will be working on. You don’t pet hair and dust to static cling to the foam or batting.

Step 2 - Place the panels on the floor one at a time butting them tight together. Tape the panels together using duct tape to create a 4 foot x 8 foot section (or the size of your choice).

Step 3 - Our local store didn’t have any flannel sheets so I used a piece of Warm and White batting.

  • Place the batting on the floor
  • Place the panel front side down on top of the batting
  • Pull the batting taught as you bring it around to the back side of the panel
  • Duct tape it in place

Step 4 – Use Command Reclosable Hanging Strips made for 16 x 20 inch picture frames on the back to hang it on the wall. I used two at the top and two at the bottom just inside the batting.

That’s it! How easy was that. Now you have a fabulous, light weight design wall. Best part is it isn’t permanent and you didn’t damage the wall hanging it.

You can use a lint roller to pluck the fuzzies off now and then.

Happy Creating!


Lynne said...

Brilliant! My design wall, as you probably know, is a flannel backed tablecloth hanging on a curtain rod using shower curtain rings. It hangs in front of the wardrobe doors but it's easy enough to slide out of the way when I want to get inside!

Darcy Phillips said...

Carol, Thank you! Hubby approved it so much that he made it for me! I love it! ~Darcy ;o)

Carole D said...

Love the design wall - now if I can just get my hubby off the couch to help :) Would also like to see photos of your sewing room. I'm just beginning to create mine since daughter has moved out. I plan to hang my first quilt on the large wall - does anyone have any suggestions?