Sunday, May 6, 2012

Shirking My Duties…

On Thursday I dropped everything I was supposed to be doing and met hubby in San Antonio, Texas. This was my first trip to Texas. We spent 48 hours totally goofing off…..instead of house hunting. IMG_1275
Is this cute or what! A Texas waffle for breakfast.
San Antonio is the most beautiful city. Rich in culture and fabulous architecture. We had tons of fun. It will probably take me several posts to show everything that we older folks managed to squeeze into 48 hours.
We walked around the River Walk, ate dinner on the edge and took the boat tour on Thursday evening. This is such a treasure. To think it all started as a way to prevent future flooding of the town until somebody had an idea to make it beautiful and useful as well.
The entire length is wrapped with gardens, bridges, fountains, wild life and yummy restaurants.IMG_1304
Oh, a side note…. The ducks were a bunch of beggars at the table side during dinner as we were literally right on the edge of the water. So the folks next to us tossed them a piece of bread. Before you could blink a half dozen HUGE fish came racing over and rammed the duck from the underside. Poor duck tipped over quacking in shock and dropped her bread. The fish then ate it (the bread) and swam away. Duck Tipping! Who knew. Hahaha. Great dinner entertainment.
We spotted some wildlife that I’ve never seen before. These black birds are called Grackles. When the sun sets they start hopping around the trees singing very loudly. More like a variety of weird loud yelling. I was fascinated.
We also spotted these little mud nests on the under side of the bridges. They were full of bitty baby birds but I don’t know what they are. Isn’t this sweet.
Oh, and I got to eat frozen custard for the first time ever. Gosh it was yummy.
Stay tuned for more of my big adventure…………….


Lynne said...

What a beautiful place. I think the birds with the mud nest are swifts (at least that's what we call them here in Oz).

Anonymous said...

They are some sort of swallow (which includes swifts,) probably barn swallow. Adult barn swallows have blue-grey backs and wings with a tan tummy and a red collar. Babies have blue-grey feathers too.

Swallows are one of the bird species that have actually benefited from man -- we clear land and provide water and shelter for livestock. Swallows are insect eaters who like their nests under cover.