Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday Already?

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My sewing room looks like a tornado came through. There are so many projects in the works. I seem to be starting lots of things and not finishing any lately. I’m falling back in to my bad behavior. I NEED to get organized before the UFO’s take over again. Agh!
Step #1 is recognizing the problem…right?
1. Finishing up the boy quilt. I just have to sew the blocks together and that pattern will be ready to go.
2. Focal Point #1 is off to be quilted.
3. Focal Point #2 is half pieced sitting next to my machine.
4. My give away for Friday is ready to sew together. My no longer resident artist dropped by this weekend for a visit and helped with the design.
5. I finished reading 2 new books. Applique Drawing in EQ6 by Angie Padilla and Dancing With Threads by Ann Fahl.
Applique Drawing in EQ6 by Angie Padilla
If you like to use EQ software the Applique Drawing book is a must. There are several different versions to match the software. The book is written like a workbook. You’ll have a nice collection of blocks if you work your way through it step by step.
It covers drawing with pieces from existing blocks, using lines, curves and simple shapes, free hand drawing, importing and tracing , and the wreath maker. The back of the book has a tips and tricks section as well as a handy tool bar reference chart. The book is very thorough and easy to follow. I actually have EQ7 but haven’t had any trouble following along.
Dancing With Threads by Ann FahlAnn was the special presenter for this month’s Free Motion Challenge. I liked her presentation so much I picked this book up.
It’s a beautiful book if you want to learn more about free motion quilting on your machine. She walks you through every step in detail beginning with tools and supplies and ending with blocking and finishing your quilt. There are 5 projects in the back of the book, 4 pages of sample free motion quilt patterns for you to practice,and a 3 page problem solving chart. The photos throughout the book are detailed and beautiful. She even gives you an inspirational guided tour through a gallery of some of her projects….She’s a Harry Potter fan!
 I LOVE adding a good craft book to the shelf …don’t you?
6. My large tote bag is still sitting here unfinished. See reasons 1-5. Hahaha.
7. Last but not least, I’m working my way through the Penn and Foster dress making course. Has anyone taken this? I really don’t sew clothing so it’s an area I want to learn more about.
Have a happy, crafty week!!


Anonymous said...

One can never have enough craft books, i always say.

I haven't yet gotten into EQ--I've been an embroiderer working in Enbird for so long. But maybe this year...

Shannon said...

My UFOs are taking over too! Every time I swear I'm going to finish some things before I start something new, I get excited to enter something and start another project! Bad!

Lynne said...

Those books look very interesting.