Monday, March 5, 2012

Hera Marker Review

While creating my Focal Point quilt I discovered a new tool. Has anyone used a Hera marker? What a nifty gadget.

The one pictured below is made by Clover. It’s a thin plastic tool that marks by making a  crease in the fabric. You don’t have to worry about ink becoming permanent when pressing, ink re-appearing later  or a chalk line dusting away. The crease mark was visible on both sides of the fabric and was easily pressed away with an iron.

mark line_thumb[4]

It slides close to the ruler so it’s very accurate to use. It was actually faster and more accurate than my chalk wheel for this particular marking job…and you know how much I love my chalk wheel. The stitching was sewn right on top of the marked line. LOVE it!

hera marker_thumb[2]

As always, be sure to test it on a scrap of fabric to be sure it’s the right tool for the job you are working on.


Diane Wild said...

I've had one of these for quite some time and always forget what a wonderful tool it really is. Thanks for the reminder.

Clare said...

I love mine.

Lynne said...

Very interesting post - thanks.