Thursday, February 9, 2012

I Won!

I can’t believe my eyes! I won something! I actually did!

A huge thank you to everyone who voted for my project.

My Fascinating (Spock) quilt was one of the winners of the Sew Warm Challenge on the Instructables website. You can see all the other great entries HERE.

DSCF2251 - Copy  is a website dedicated to tutorials of all kinds. If you need to make it you can probably find step by step help there. If you like to create it’s a great place to share your ideas with others. Be sure to give it a visit.


Lynne said...

A well deserved win in my opinion! Congratulations!

Judy said...

Carol that is fantastic! Congratulations!!!! You deserve it do much! This must be a small payback for all of the awesome tutorials that you post! Way to go!

JOY @ said...

It's beyond me why you didn't get first place. I know that took a lot of planning and time. Maybe I need to read the rules/guidelines, but I just can't figure out first place over yours? Hmmm? I guess I'm out of my generation here.

Job well done. I've seen this quilt all over the Internet so I know it's well liked. Congratulations.

JOY @ said...
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Carol said...

Thanks everyone.