Monday, February 20, 2012

Guess What Today Is?

First, it’s another Sew What Monday. Link up below and share. Please put a link back on your blog post so others can find the fun.
And it’s also a ……drum roll please….
I LOVE a snow day. Not dayzzz, week, or month. Just a nice snow day. It’s already melting away but it’s lovely.
I’m still plugging along on my boy/girl quilt pattern. I keep getting side tracked by other requests. Somebody is waiting on a yarn kitty so that is on the agenda too today.

I’m done rambling along.
Have a wonderful week filled with fun projects!


beaquilter said...

I didn't think the link worked but it did.... have a look, we got our first snow last night as well!

Anonymous said...

I have to admit I wasn't so excited about the snow this weekend. My thrill was seeing that the geese have started making their way south. I love the time of year when they are passing though.