Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Another Sneak Peek

Ya’ll are so smart! For those that simply couldn’t be fooled by my fabric choices, I have another sneak peek.

I’m designing one quilt pattern that makes 2 quick quilts. By simply changing out a few appliques (not all of them) and the fabric colors you will have a quilt for a girl or a boy. IMG_0810

photoAs usual, I’m the queen of “changing my mind”. It’s making me run a little behind the schedule I wanted for finishing. I’ve tossed several fabrics I had in my original idea and picked up a few new ones. I’m finding less is more. Narrowing the color choices makes it less chaotic and more pleasing.

What do you all think?


beaquilter said...

that is SO cute

zospecial said...

I LOVE them! They are so adorable. I can't wait to see them finished!

Judy said...

I had a very dear friend ;), use some of those exact fabrics of the top quilt in a quilt for my grand daughter who is almost four now. It is her favorite, "I want the blankie that Ma's friend made for me" beautiful Carol!