Friday, September 30, 2011

I Remember When...

How do you document your quilts? Do you document them? Inquiring minds need to know.
1987 - My first quilt

I've kept photos of all my quilts. I scribble information on the backs of the photos but don't really have a system in place. The information I've kept over the years isn't consistent. Looking back I wish I'd done better.

It's interesting to see how my style and skills are always changing.


1991 - family tracings & signatures

It's also a good record of what types of quilt patterns I've tried over the years.
2008 - rag quilt

 Made in the 90's & quilted in 2008 (not my machine...I wish)

I know it's important to label the quilt backs with information. 

I've come to realize that it's also important to save information about the quilts themselves. Many of my quilts have been given away and will never be seen again.

So, how do you keep your quilt information recorded? What information do you record? I'd love to know!


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Lynne said...

I'm a new quilter but a not-so-new blogger. Therefore my quilts (and knits) are digitally photographed and shown on my blog, which is often where the details are. Knitters have a great site called for recording knitting project details, finding patterns, etc., so I make good use of that site too.