Friday, May 6, 2011

Half Baked Plan

Today I'm starting on my May UFO(unfinished fabric object). It's lucky number 7.

I have this half baked plan swirling around in my head for a scrappy quilt but not just any scrappy quilt. From across the room I want to see an image of Spock. Hmmm. This may just be a public crash and burn. Stay tuned.....

Here are the scraps that I pulled together this morning.
My lights.

My darks.

I need the colors to "read" as darks and lights so I photographed them in black and white to see how close they looked to each other.

Not so sure about the two at the top, the blue on the lower right and the yellow at lower left.

I actually ended up pulling the black fabric on the top right for being too dark.

Hopefully I will have something for you to see on Monday.
Wish me luck!


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Jen M said...

New follower from the Friday Blog Hop! :)
Jen @ My Secret Home

Judy said...

I can't wait to see this finished!