Thursday, April 28, 2011

CRAZY Tutorial Thursday #1

I'm posting 3 tutorials back to back today which will be part of the project I'm posting tomorrow.

How to Make a Fabric Yo-Yo

A yo-yo is a little circle of fabric that is gathered up in the middle. They are fast and easy to make. A great little hand stitching project to do while sitting in a waiting room.

How to determine the size of your fabric circle

The fabric circle will be cut double the finished yo-yo size plus a 1/2 inch for seam allowance.

For example: I want a 1 1/2 inch yo-yo for my project so
1 1/2 (finished yo-yo size) x 2 (doubling) + 1/2 (seam allowance) =  3 1/2 (size to cut the circles)

How to make the yo-yo

Double your string and let it hang and unwind for a moment then knot the ends. This is an important step to help stop tangles while stitching.

Turn the edge of the fabric circle approx. 3/16 of an inch while making a running stitch along the folded edge.

After you sew all the way around the circle, gently pull the string to gather up the center.

Pull the needle to the center back and take a small stitch then knot the string.

Flatten the yo-yo with the gathers in the center. TADA! Finished.


If you take smaller stitches your yo-yo center will be more open (photo on left). This works well if you're adding buttons or embellishments to the centers.

If you take longer basting type stitches your yo-yo center will pull smaller and tighter (photo on right). This works well if the yo-yo will be used alone for show like the project tomorrow.

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