Monday, February 20, 2017

Oh Scrap It’s Out of Control

Apparently ME, MYSELF and I should not be “playing” in the sewing room after midnight.

But the thunderstorm kept me up soooo I decided that the scrap binds were getting too full and stressing me out.

scrap cutting

I spent hours digging in the scrap bins, chopping, and cutting and it still doesn’t seem like anything moved out!!!

How do you get your scraps under control? At what point do you just grab a garbage bag and toss them?

scrap cutting (3)

The up side is that I now have enough strips to make a year’s worth of scrappy binding for charity quilts….and I never got to the yellow, orange, and black binsSurprised smile

scrap cutting (2)
…and enough “I Spy” blocks for at least 4 quiltsSurprised smile

scrap cutting (1)


Kathy S. said...

That's how I tame my scraps as well. I sort them by color and then ACCUQUILT cut them. Keep on crankin'. I love how you rolled the bindings. It looks like a bouquet of roses. Happy sorting!

Rebecca said...

why dose every one elses scraps look like more fun then mine?

Vicki in MN said...

Hehe, we are in the same boat! I have the brights scrap bin and then there are the traditional darker bins-yes plural! I have been working on making string quilts with the brights but it never seems to show a dent!! I think I could take a year off from craft show making and just work on scraps and they still wouldn't be gone:O

Rebecca said...

why do your scraps look like more fun then my scraps?

trudie said...

Mine is even more out of control than yours, to the point I can no longer see/use my cutting table! And all those unwanted scraps? Make dog beds stuffed with fabric and batting scraps and donate to your local animal shelter! I put in used dryer sheets too. They have just enough smelly in them to freshen them when they are washed and dried. Your shelter will love you for it!

beaquilter said...

well of course the scraps mate in the middle of the night and reproduce and alarming speeds so you can never keep up with them....

Michele said...

Thankfully mine aren't too bad and I will be spending some time soon cutting them into usable pieces.