Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Sashing and Border Fun with EQ7

As you know…Electric Quilt is having a year long 25th anniversary celebration. So, I thought I’d share some ♥EQ7♥ lovin on the 10th of each month for some extra fun. Do you EQ???

Borders and Sashing Fun

It  doesn’t matter if you start with a pre-made layout or a custom layout, you can still have fun with the sashing and borders.  Sashing is adjusted on the LAYOUT TAB and borders are adjusted on the BORDERS TAB.

Idea #1 – Set Auto Borders

Did you know that there is a Set Auto Borders tool that can be added to your tool bar?

It will allow you to add pre-made borders from various catagories to your quilt and Sketchbook with just one click.

Idea #2 – Add Border Styles

On the border dialog box there’s a drop down menu where you can add border styles. At the bottom you can adjust the number of blocks needed on your strips.  

You can simply add color to those border styles… 

…or set blocks into them for more exciting designs. How fun is that?

Idea #3 – Sashing Blocks

Don’t be afraid to set blocks into sashing and cornerstones to create some fun looks.

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Drop by QuiltShop Gal on the 10th of each month. She’ll be celebrating and posting EQ themed fun as well.

Most importantly …Hop over and visit Electric Quilt to join the celebration and enter to win great prizes HERE.


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QuiltShopGal said...

What a great tutorials. Sashing and borders can really make a quilt. I'll definitely use your tutorial. Thank you for taking time to share and join the fun in celebration 25 years of EQ.