Friday, May 1, 2015

Your Applique Pressing Sheet

Welcome to the first Fun Tip Friday!!


This is the sheet I like to use HERE

An applique pressing sheet is a great friend. It not only protects your ironing board and iron but it can also be used to pre-piece appliques with fiddly little pieces.

Just slide the design template under the pressing sheet. If the lines are fine and hard to see just trace over them to darken them first.

P4300247 (2)

Prep your applique shapes with fusible and place them in the correct position over the drawing. Press following the manufacturers instructions for the product you are using.

P4300248 (2)

When the fabric is totally cool carefully lift the applique off the pressing sheet. It’s neatly fused into one large design element that can easily be centered on your block.

backP4300250 (2)

frontP4300249 (2)


Go forth and applique away!


beaquilter said...

Now where do you buy these nifty sheets? maybe an amazon link would be nice?

Rachell said...

This is great, thank you!
I like using mine for fusible Celtic appliqué.
Is it possible to melt these sheets?