Monday, August 4, 2014

What To Do With My Jeans……….

At the beginning of the summer I joined Weight Watchers. It’s official…there is wayyyy to much room left over in my “big girl” pants to keep wearing them held up by safety pins. The pins may come undone and that outcome wouldn’t be a pretty picture. LOL.

So, I have lots of wonderful denim to craft with. Any suggestions on what to make with it?


I don’t want to be totally cliché and make a “butt” bag. Although I really do love large totes.

I’ve been seeing these faux cathedral windows around the internet. This quilt was recently donated to our Bright Hopes Committee. Something like this might make a fun rug for the sewing room. Maybe leave a wider border so it would get fringy in the center.


Hmmmmm…….a crafting dilemma!


Anonymous said...

Hot pads - especially if you camp. They're durable and you don't worry if they get lost / ruined. Line with wool from a felted sweater instead of cotton batt to better insulate them.

Teresa Rawson said...

I have been on a Pinterest pinning kick lately, and I have a lot of jeans I've been saving. I started a board for demin ideas. I'm not sure it will contain anything you would want to use, but here is the link:

Denim is so study and classic...I just can't through the stuff away. Congrats on you weight loss...I wish I could say that is where MY pile came from...

Michele said...

My sister' MIL actually makes hand died quilts from them. They are heavy but super warm.

VickiT said...

I ran across this pattern a few years ago that I have wanted to make. They are kinda cute.

That site also has this adorable jacket in a toddler size.

The person which has the site where those two above came from wrote a book to use jeans to make all sorts of things, but she has a lot on the website as well. You might get some ideas there.

Recently I have also seen some rag quilts with jean squares and cotton/flannel alternated. And that cathedral windows quilt is another I also really like myself.

Lynne said...

Congratulations on successfully losing so much weight you need new jeans! You inspire me!