Friday, July 18, 2014

Custom LED Sewing Lights

Remember a while back when I posted the “home made” set up I created above my needle using LED lights? (Photo below) The lights are AWESOME but the cable stuck out in the back of the machine. Since I have a rear facing presser foot lifter it was getting annoying….

My “home made” solution

Soooo, I contacted Inspired LED and they created a custom set of lights that fit nicely above the needle area. (Photos below). Now, you can call Inspired LED and order these as a Custom Kit for the Sewing Needle!! How awesome is that!!!

Side view of Baby Lock Jane machine
custom LED (2)

The cable is soldered to the lights and sits flat against the machine which is perfect if you have a rear facing presser foot lifter. The lights are covered with a shrink wrap so nothing will get hung on them.
NOTE: Not all machines are compatible with this set up. Make sure your machine has a ledge to stick the lights to and that there is a small amount of clearance above all your various presser feet when they are in the high position.

Rear view Baby Lock Jane Machinecustom LED (3)

It’s AMAZING what you can see with all the extra lighting in your sewing space.

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Linda said...

Wow! How clever of you! It must be awesome to have a company take your design and use it!