Monday, March 31, 2014

Bitty Block Fun…..

The theme for this round of bitty blocks was “play on words”. Here are my blocks…Can you figure them out?

I also created a special frame to hang my bitty blocks on after each round. It seemed a waste not to enjoy them more. I found a real wood frame at the Goodwill Store, painted it, added wire, and itty bitty clothes pins. It was a bit rickety but the wire grid holds it all together nicely.

Have a GREAT day today!!!


Calicojoan said...

Too cute. Love those bitty blocks and what a great way to enjoy them. Good find a the Goodwill! ;-)

Karen Ackva said...

Those are adorable!

Lynne said...

What a clever way to display and enjoy those Bitty Blocks. Well done you!