Friday, December 6, 2013

Machine Embroidered Towels

Today I took a break from my holiday rush and made something for myself. I embroidered a couple of towels for the hall bathroom. I spotted an embroidered towel I liked a local “chain” store that I won’t name here and they wanted $14 for that sucker. CRAZY!

These designs are from the Embroidery Library Cool and Crazy Snowflake collection. They stitch out really well.



One Way to Machine Embroider on a Towel

The towels above will be folded in half and hung. I placed the design so it was centered on the lower right side of the towel. You need to decide where you want to place your design and mark it.


I hooped a layer of tear away stabilizer and then sprayed it with Sulky KK2000. The towel was stuck on top of the sticky (sprayed) tear away. The towel wasn’t hooped.

IMG_5021Yes…I know I have to clean my hoops.

I placed two layers of Sulky Super Solvy over the towel and pinned through all the layers. Make sure the pins are outside the design stitching area.


After stitching, carefully tear away the front and back stabilizers and trim the jump stitches. That’s all there is to it.

Take a break and make something fun just for yourself this weekend. It will make you feel good!


beaquilter said...

ohhhhh neat way to do that! I'm going to get some towels and try this, I have a roll of the sulvy and tear away is ordered AGAIN..... I knew there was "topper" on there but wasn't sure what.... DING!! light bulb moments. THANKS!!

Lynne said...

Cute designs. They made me smile even though Christmas here is generally over 86*!