Monday, April 22, 2013

EQ7 Smiling Daisy Tutorial


This tutorial shows you how to create guides and use them to make identical petals.

EQ7 Smiling Daisy Tutorialdaisy 4Smiling Daisy
©2013 Carol Steely

Step 1 – Set up the work table
Open a new file. On the block worktable select BLOCK>NEW BLOCK>PATCHDRAW.

Go to DRAWING BOARD SET UP>PATCHDRAW>OPTIONS and turn off the auto fill when patch is closed. It will make everything easier to fill

Working on the Applique Tab select the Pick Tool pick tool. Enter the following on your Precision Bar.

Block size: 10 x 10
Snaps: 40 x 40
Graph paper: 2 x 2
Set the two snap option buttons like the photo below

bar set 1
Step 2 – Create a Template Guide
Working on the Applique Tab….Select the Ellipse Tool e button and draw a circle.

With the circle still selected go the the Precision Bar and resize it to 10 x 10.

Then click the Move Selected Segments to Center Button center. This will center your circle on the work space.

If you’ve clicked off your shape you will need to use the Pick Tool pick toolto reselect it.


Now we are going to divide the circle into wedges. Select the Solid Ellipse Button ellipseand add 8 wedges.

Now  click the Convert to Patch Buttonpatch


Select your Ellipse Tool ellipse toolagain and draw another circle. Resize it to 5 x 5 and center it on the work tablecenter. Finally, covert it to a patch convert patch.


Save this to the Sketchbook. I like to save steps often.

Step 3 – Convert to Guides
Set one more snap option like the photo below.

bar set 2


convert to guide

You will get this.


Step 4 – Draw the Petals
Select the octagon shape from the Polygon Flyout Tool. Draw your shape from left to right inside the smaller circle. It should snap to your guide



Select the Shape Tool SHAPE. You will click each line one at a time to select it and then click the Convert to Curve Tool.CURVE.

After you’ve converted all your lines go back and select them one at a time. This time you will grab and drag each node straight up to match the outer circle. This will form your uniform shaped petals.


Continue all the way around to make the flower.daisy8

Use the Ellipse Tool  ellipse toolto draw another circle and resize it to 5 x 5. Center it on the worktable center. Convert to a patch convert patch.


Step 5 – Draw the Face
Now use the Ellipse Tool ellipse toolto draw an eye. Convert to a patch convert patch.
With the eye selected hit the Clone Buttonclone to make a second ellipse.

With the cloned shape selected click BLOCK>RESIZE (or use the right mouse button). Resize the shape by 75%.


Drag the smaller ellipse over the larger to create the eye.

Click the Pick Tool pick tooland drag the mouse over the eye to select the entire eye as a group.

Clone it clone to make a second eye and move it in to place.

Use the Bezier Tool bezierto draw a mouth.


Save to Sketchbook.
Click BLOCK>CLEAR GUIDES and hit the Refresh Toolrefresh.

Step 6 – Resize and Position Flower
Hold down the CTRL Key and hit the A key to select the entire flower design at once (you can also drag the Pick Tool over the entire design area).

Hold down the CTRL Key and use the mouse to click and drag a corner node to resize  the flower’s length and width without distorting it’s shape. Make it a pleasing size then move it to the top of the block.


Step 7 – Add Stem and Leaves

Use the Rectangle Tool rectto draw a stem. Convert to a patch.

Use the 5th shape on the Oval Flyout Tool to make a leaf.


Use the Pick Tool pick toolto select your leaf. Use the Cloneclone and Flip It Left/Right flip lr buttons to make a second leaf.

Use the Pick Tool to select a leaf. Hold down the CTRL Key and click the crossed arrows in the center of the leaf. This will activate the rotate feature. Grab the arrow and rotate the leaf manually to your liking. Do this for the other leaf until you like both their positions.

Save to Sketchbook.daisy16

Step 8 – Order and Color
Click the Color Tab. You may need to use the Pick Tool pick tooland right mouse button to order your shapes forward and backward.

Have fun playing with colors and fabrics.



Adding Multiple Daisies

multi daisy

Adding  multiple daisies to one block is easy peezy… Place the daisy block on the Worktable.

Working on the Applique Tab, hold the CTRL Key and hit the A key to select the entire daisy design as a unit.

Hold the CTRL key and hit the C key to copy it.

Hold the CTRL key and hit the V key to paste the copy on the block.

Hold the CTRL key and use your mouse to grab a corner node and resize the flower without distorting it. Move it in to place.


I’m thinking spring table runner? How about you?


 Hope you learned something fun and new!


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I'm learning something new on EVERY post about EQ7!!!!

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What a well written tutorial! Can't wait to try this!

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Thanks for the great tutorial. I've never used PatchDraw, so I learned a lot.

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I have learned several new ideas on using the different shapes to make a whole different figure. I had never used patch draw before and it looks like it would be really helpful.

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Am learning so much during the blog hop. All the little hints and tips are great. Thank you for sharing


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So perfect for spring!

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What a great tutorial! Such a cute flower and great idea for a spring table runner too. Definitely makes me smile.


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I love the daisy and thank you for the free pattern. I don't have EQ but it looks like it would be fun.
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Thank you.

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I just got the EQStitch upgrade from EQ7 and am still in the excited beginner stage of learning to use the program.

Your step by step tutorial is fits my style of learning. Page bookmarked!

Thank you for sponsoring the Blog Hop giveaway.

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Claudia said...

Thank you for the great tutorial.

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