Wednesday, September 26, 2012

How to Make Seams Match

Do you get frustrated trying to make pretty, perfectly matched seams when piecing your blocks? Want to know two secrets that will help you do just that?

It all starts with the pressing. First thing you need to do is press the seams that will meet in opposite directions. Make sure you are pressing straight up and down and not ironing back and forth which can warp/stretch the fabric. For this example I made two mini rows.


With the blocks pressed in opposite directions the seams will butt and lock in to each other.


Pin all your seam intersections first. Next pin the remainder of the area to be sewn.


Stitch close to your pins before removing them so the seam fabric doesn’t have a chance to shift out of place.

Press and take a look. You will have perfectly matching intersections! Now you know the secret♥



Are you thinking…What if my blocks are slightly off size and don’t match evenly?

This secret is here under the presser foot. It’s your feed dogs. The feed dogs will actually ease fabric for you.


I'm using an exaggerated amount of extra fabric so you can see the process on the computer. Pin the intersecting seams the same as described above. Spread the extra fabric out evenly and pin in the center of the block.


When you sew you will place the larger fabric down on the feed dogs.


Use your finger to add a little bit of tension to the top fabric. Don’t hold it too tight or you will break a needle. Sew up close to your pins before removing them. Removing the pins too early will cause the seams to shift and not match. The feed dogs will pull up and ease the extra fabric in to place while sewing.


Press the fabric the same as you always do. The eased in fabric will smooth out nicely and corners will match. Now you know another secret♥


Happy Sewing!


Lynne said...

Thanks for a great tutorial, Carol. It's always good to be reminded of the basics and your tip for dealing with excess was really good for this not-always-accurate-but-getting-better novice!

Unknown said...

I love those two tips! And I think they'll be really useful... I love to sew because you never stop learning ;)
And... from today I'm following oyu!!