Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pinmoor Review

Have you seen these yet? The are called Pinmoor pin anchors. What a fabulous find!


They are little silicone pieces that are 1/2 inch long and 3/8 round. They come in lots of other colors too.


You slide your pins in to them like mini pin cushions. You can slide the pin into the end or side it doesn’t matter.


The idea behind this gadget is to elevate the tediousness of opening and closing safety pins for pin basting. They also have lots of other handy uses too.


Are you completely intrigued yet? There is a full informational video on their website HERE.

My Pros: I had my doubts at first but they really do grip the pins and stay on tight. Once I got the knack of using them they were fast and easy. I didn’t stab myself or chip a finger nail like I usually end up doing with safety pins. The quilt didn’t feel as awkwardly heavy after pin basting either.

When I’m doing free motion quilting I will admit I sometimes don’t pay close attention to my pins. These didn’t get hung on the machine like safety pins sometimes do. I didn’t have to be a contortionist to undo them if I stitched too close.

I like the idea that you can use them with any style pins that you already have. This makes them nice for different projects and you aren’t left with large safety pin holes in the fabric.

My Cons: Priced at $37 per 100 they are 3X more expensive than the curved basting safety pins. If you have small children you would have to be careful as they might cause a choking hazard. Like candy, the colors and size would be very attractive to them.

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Lynne said...

A cute idea but a bit on the expensive side. I use the handle of a spoon to close my safety pins - no stabbing (and possibly no chipped nail polish - I don't wear it so I can't verify that!)