Saturday, December 3, 2011

One Way to Finish Fleece Blankets

My  fleece blankets were made using one layer of fleece. I really didn’t want to just leave the edges unfinished but didn’t want to do the same ‘ol fringe that everyone does either. After much searching I stumbled on to Sulky Blendables. Have you seen these!


They’re a 12 wt. (also comes in 30 wt.) 100% Egyptian cotton thread that changes color randomly every2.5 - 5 inches. It comes in so many fabulous colors and has a wonderful sheen.

This is a small sampling of the wonderful eye candy.
You can find the full color chart HERE.


Finishing the Fleece Blankets

Step 1 – Use a CD to round the corners of the blanket. It’s the perfect radius for serging. I learned this trick from Cynsew.

Step 2 - My serger was set for a wide 3 thread overlock stitch (left needle only, widest stitch width, 3 for stitch length). My tensions are automatic so you may need to play with your machine a little. I also moved the differential feed up one notch.

Step 3 - The Sulky Blendables 12wt. were used in the upper and lower loopers.  Regular Coats and Clark thread that matched the fleece blanket color was used in the left needle.


 A very professional looking, neat edge to an otherwise simple single layer of fleece. This thread was a dream to serge with and the colors are fabulous.




Simply Sandy said...

What a great way to finish a fleece blanket. I found your blog through craftster!

Lynne said...

I made a poncho from polar fleece and finished it with a hand sewn variegated knitting yarn! I love the way it disappears and reappears as the purple section of the yarn occurs on the purple fleece.