Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rambling Along

So. I'm between projects at the moment which gave me lots of time this weekend to think.
The Thinker by Rodin - Philadelphia, PA

1. Our next UFO (unfinished fabric object) challenge should be tomorrow. I put too many big projects on that list. Gah! What was I thinking?

2. I was kind of thinking about making a skeleton, Mr. Bones, and putting him in several different scenes as wall hangings. I don't really know why. Just a nutty whim.

3. I saw Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides. It was awesome!! I think I need a pirate themed something too.

4. Oh! Maybe Mr. Bones could merge with the pirates. Hmmmm. I'm thinking. I'm thinking.

5. My biggest thought was about my Spock quilt. I'm dying to know if it was just an accident with a happy ending or if the process really works. Aren't you curious too? So I'm going to try it all over again with another face. It will be a secret until the end. Let's see if you can recognize it or not.

Stay tuned........


Judy said...

Serious, you are not going to tell us? I think your process really works and it wasn't an accident with a happy ending it was a very well executed plan!

Alannah said...

I am a new follower... I like this statue... but then it reminds me of the 2nd night at the museum movie... lol "I'm thinking, thinking, thinking..."