Monday, January 30, 2012

The Batting Experiments 1 of 3

We all know that I don’t have anything better to do….ya, right. Sometimes I get so distracted!

Experiment #1

The problem:
I haven’t been real happy with my batting lately. My quilts are coming out rather stiff and not snuggly. Some were applique and some were pieced. I know quilts with lots of applique are going to be a little stiffer. I’ve always used what I thought was high quality batting so I’m baffled.

The process:
I made two quilts containing the same batting but stitched them differently.

The constants:
1. Quilt #1 and #2 both contain Hobbs Poly Down batting cut from the same package.
2. Both quilts were quilted using the same cotton thread.
3. Both quilts are the same size and use similar fabrics.
4. Each quilt was folded the same way and held up from the bottom center.

The variables:
1. Quilt #1 was quilted with large 5 inch squares using a walking foot. 


2. Quilt #2 was quilted with a large meandering design.


The results:
Quilt #1 turned out very soft and snuggly. You can see that it has a nice drape to it.


Quilt #2 is much stiffer and not very snuggly. You can even see that it stays almost flat with very little drape.IMG_0682

My personal conclusion:
I have to say that I was surprised by the results. I really thought the stiffness was caused by the batting choice. Starting with a quality, soft batting does play a role in how soft the final quilt will be. But, the amount of  stitching is also a very large factor.  The closer the quilting the stiffer the quilt. Hmmmm.

Hope this helps somebody with their quilting. Stay tuned for another batty batting experiment.


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Deb said...

Wash it a few times before you make a final call. Quilts are supposed to be used, right? I use Warm and Natural. My daughter's bed quilt is made of mostly 3" squares and HSTs (lots of seams) and was quilted with a tight stipple. After using it for a while (and putting it in the washer and the dryer) it's completely broken in and wonderful.

beaquilter said...

hmm before you wrote the result, I was about to say, the denser the quilting, the stiffer it will be, FOR NOW. after a few washes it'll loosen up more and be soft again.

MooseStash Quilting said...

If you want a really snuggly batting try a bamboo. It has a beautiful drape no matter how it's quilted.

manos de chicureo said...

I have seen the three experiments. They are fabulous or fantastic. You are very smart. Thank you for sharing.